nail wraps

by dashing digits

Our company started with the launch of Dashing Digits in 2014. Since then, we've offered more than 400 different patterns, and we've dazzled 1000s of digits with a variety of colors, styles, and many shades of glitter. 


Dashing Digits offers quality nail wraps that add style and flair to your nails. If you have 10 minutes of free time, you have enough time for Dashing Digits. We offer the perfect solution when you are strapped for time and if you want to add a little glitz or fun to your finger or toe nails. Instead of using nail polish, you can use or nail wraps to make your nails dashing. After all, who has time to wait for nail polish to dry?


Unlike other products, our nail wraps to not require a heat source for applying our products. You can literally apply our products anywhere on the go. 


To learn more about Dashing Digits, please visit our website set-up exclusively for our nail wraps.